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Notice for Chapter & Committee formation

Notice for Chapter & Committee formation


Chapter and Committees Formation

NeLSA executive committee has decided to re-form chapters  in the respective collages in accordance with chapter guideline of NelSA. All the students are requested to fill the associate membership or renew general membership within 20th the month of Ashar. The working team of chapters would be formed among the associate and general members within the end of the month of Ashar.


NeLSA executive committee has decided to re-form Committees   in accordance with constitution  of NelSA and committee guideline of NeLSA. The working team of Committee would be formed among the associate and general members within the end of the month of Ashar.


·         Human Rights Center

·         Civic Education Program & Recreational Committee

·         Legal research & skill development Committee

·         Legal Education Promotion Program Committee

·         Young lawyers advocacy Committee

·         Clinical legal education program Committee

All the Interested members are requested to submit their Letter of interest to work in team of the Committees


For more querries contact:

Gyanu Gautam

General secretary





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3rd Annual Law Students Conference

3rd Annual Law Students Conference


3rd National Nepalese Law Students' Conference


  Reforming the Legal Education of Nepal

14th - 16th May 2012

                                 1st- 3rd Jestha 2069 

                                   Nepal Electricity Authority Training Center 


                                    Bhaktapur, Nepal


To Be Organised By:-


Organising Committee 

Nepalese Law Students’ Association (NeLSA)

New Baneswor-34, Kathmandu,Nepal



 Nepalese Law Students' Association (NeLSA) in cooperation with  various governmental and non-governmental organizations, and law schools of Nepal  is organizing a three  days national conference on the issue of “Reforming the Legal Education of Nepal” with its marking of the 3rd National Conference of Nepalese Law Students’ ,2012 scheduled for May 14th-13th May,2012. The main objective of the conference is to build as a national platform for holding discussion for the advancement of standards and purpose of legal education in Nepal. The conference would be under the theme of " An Initiative to Enhance the Legal Education in Nepal " with the participation of atleast 125 Nepalese law students along with law professors, law teachers ,lawyers and law professionals from all over the world as conference participants.


 Legal Education is essentially a multi-disciplined, multipurpose education which can develop the human resources and idealism needed to strengthen the legal system. The judicial administration in particular, is the pure reflection of the existing legal education system. Legal education is essentially one of the key components which has its direct impact in building of the just and democratic society. Legal education has its importance as it is the pre-battle ground where skills and art of social engineering is taught and the advocates of justice and constitutionalism are nurtured and grown up. 



Taking the context of legal education of Nepal in particular, Nepalese legal education system although of its 50 years of history has been slow in its development in fulfilling the need and competency required for Nepal although of some positive developments taking place. The traditional system of teaching, lack of proper attention of the state with poor funding, disregard by the judiciary and the law fraternity to a larger extent, access to the quality legal education by only the elites of society, etc are some of the inherent problems of the education in Nepal. 


This is a high time that serious and meaningful interventions and actions are required for reforming of the legal education of Nepal so as to meet the challenges of today as well as those emerging in future. The Nepalese Law students are particular concerned with the current status of the legal education and in different forums they have particular raised their concerns and expressed their willingness to come into action for the reform of the legal education in Nepal. 


To address these specific concerns and for realization of one of its organizational objectives, that is promotion of legal education in Nepal, we have endeavored to hold a National Conference For the reform of the legal education in Nepal as part of its Legal Education Promotion Program which is being conducted since a year.  This conference would be held as a mark of the 3rd National Conference of Nepalese Law Students, which is a premier law students to be held annually scheduled to be held from May 14-May 16, 2012. 




Theme 1 Situation Analysis of the Status of Legal Education in Nepal; Its Current Scenario , Problems and Challenges 


Theme 2 Essential Components of Sound Legal Education and Its Comparison To the Nepali Context. 


Theme 3 Addressing the Current Developments and Problems of Nepal ;Preparing the Legal Education Meet Today’s and Future Needs.


Theme 4 Enhancing the Students’ Evaluation  and Assessment mechanisms at the law schools. 


Theme 5 Identifying the Better Law Teaching Methodology And Analyzing the Utility and Standards of the Law Curriculum of Nepal. 


Theme 7. Making Quality Legal Education Accessible to the Females, Marginalized and Poor  Populations’ of Nepal. 


Theme 8  Enhancing the Career Prospects on Law ,Studying the Impact of Legal Education on Current Trends of Choice of Profession . 




 The conference will last for three full working days, with plenary substantive sessions, key note speeches including panel discussions, short presentations with extensive discussions, working groups along with the Annual Law Competitions like Law Reform Competition, Moot Court Competition, Parliamentary Debate Competition and National Arbitration Competition. 


Organizing Committee Member 


  • Raju Kaiti (Coordinator)
  • Saroj Bista  (Coordinator Moot Court competition)
  • Subin Lal Mulmi  (Coordinator Arbitration Competition)
  • Gyanu Gautam  (Coordinator Law Reform Competition)
  • Ram Kumar Khitiwada  (Coordinator Debate Competition)
  • Yubraj Banjade (Member)
  • Narayan Prasad Shrama  (Member)
  • Aastha Dahal  (Member)
  • Sabana Poudel  (Member)


For more information Contact with :

Raju Kaiti


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



About NeLSA

Nepalese Law Students' Association (NeLSA) is an umbrella organization of Nepalese law students’ with its sole motto of “A Commitment for Socially Responsive Legal Professionalism.” This is a non government and non profit organization run by the law student’s esp. young attorneys and fresh law graduates for the betterment of the law students and their’s contribution towards society. NeLSA was registered with District Administration Office in Kathmandu in 2009 A.D and has got affiliation with Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

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